Friday, November 22, 2013

Japan Australia: Autumn Leaves at Gujo Hachiman Castle

Gujo Hachiman Castle (郡上八幡城) is a mountain castle located on top of Mount Hachiman in Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture. The original castle was built in 1559 by Endo Morikazu, but torn down during the Meiji Restoration in 1870. The current castle was reconstructed in 1933 and this year 2013 celebrates its 80th anniversary. It is one of the best reconstructed castles in Japan and unlike most of Japan’s modern day reconstructions is not made of concrete but wood, so is more true to its original form. The castle offers amazing views of the surrounding mountains and valleys and the view from the top of the castle is breathtaking. The castle is accessible via car or on foot and is only a short hike of around 15 minutes from the base to the top of Mount Hachiman where the castle is located.

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