Monday, November 18, 2013

Japan Australia: Gratin Croquette Burger at McDonald’s Japan

The Gratin Croquette Burger or Gurakoro (グラコロ) in Japanese is a winter tradition at McDonald’s in Japan. The popular seasonal burger is always a tell time sign that winter and the colder months are approaching in Japan. It is now back on the menu, so Japan Australia went to check it out!

What is the Gratin Croquette Burger? A gratin is a Western inspired dish in Japan that is like a pasta bake with creamy white sauce and a crispy topping. The Gratin Croquette Burger features a shrimp and macaroni creamy gratin inside a fried croquette, which is then sandwiched between two soft fluffy buns. It is served on a bed of shredded cabbage and topped with croquette sauce.

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Comment: In the U.S., people only go to McDonald's for the fries or in a wort case scenario, to get a happy meal to shut the crumb snatchers up on a long trip. In Japan, sometimes it's to see what strange gastrointestinal tickling concoction they'll come up with next....

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