Monday, November 11, 2013

Japan collective self-defense should include others, not just U.S., says Abe adviser ‹ Japan Today

Japan should change the interpretation of its constitution to allow its military to defend not only its ally, the United States, but also other countries whose interests are closely intertwined with Tokyo, a key security adviser to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said.

The proposed change would represent a further stretching of the limits of Japan’s post-war, pacifist constitution and go beyond proposals that the country should only exercise its right of collective self-defense to aid forces of the United States, with which it has a formal alliance.

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Comment: Here's an idea, why not give peace a chance? I think it better for Japan to just stick to it's current "peace" constitution and encourage other nations around the globe to join them! Instead of a group of "non-aligned" nations talking about ganging up against the big guys for economic reasons, which kind of nullifies that whole non-aligned thingy and exposes it for what it is, bullshit; I think it would be far better to have a group of nations align themselves under a "non-aggression"banner and tell the big guys to just put a sock in it! For the record, definitely no socks were harmed or abused in that picture above!

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