Thursday, November 7, 2013

Japan deploys surface-to-ship missiles in Okinawa - Xinhua |

Japan's Self Defense Forces (SDF) have deployed surface-to-ship missiles in an unprecedented move on Okinawa's Miyako Island, according to Japanese defense ministry officials.

The unit containing the missiles will be based on the small island temporarily and will be used in ongoing drills in the area that began on Nov. 1 and will conclude on Nov. 18, they said.

The missile assemblies arrived at the Hirara Port on the island by ferry earlier Wednesday from a base in Hokkaido and are scheduled to be deployed to a radar site on Miyako Island, the officials said.

The arrival of the missiles was delayed for around an hour due to local protesters attempting to block the weapons from entering the port's gates, with placards denouncing the exercise as dangerous, unnecessary and not in the islander's best interests.

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Comment: Lucky for the captain of that Chinese pirate ship in the post below they didn't have these things up and operational in time or maybe we wouldn't have read about his arrest... BTW, looks like an interesting guidance system on these things don't you think? A throw back to the old "Devine Wind" a.k.a. "Kamikaze" strategy maybe??

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