Sunday, November 3, 2013

Japan military launches island-taking drills in Okinawa | South China Morning Post

The Japanese military launched amphibious landing drills involving 34,000 troops in Okinawa yesterday, as Tokyo denied interfering with Chinese naval exercises in the western Pacific.

The 18-day series of drills comes at a time of heightened tensions between the two neighboring economic powers, which are at odds over possession of the Diaoyu, or Senkaku, islands of Okinawa prefecture in the East China Sea.

Six Japanese warships and 380 military planes were expected to take part in the drills, which involved amphibious landings on uninhabited islands similar to the Diaoyus. The drills are taking place on the atoll of Okidaitojima, 400 kilometres southeast of the main Okinawan island and well away from the Diaoyus.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said the country was ready to be more assertive towards China, which began illegally conducting coastguard patrols around the islands that have been held and administered by Okinawa Prefecture of Japan for over 100 years last year after the Japanese central government bought three of them from a private Japanese owner.

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Comment: Of course the unofficial Chinese response was reported to have been something along the lines of:
  "troops, we don't need no stinking troops to take no islands!"
BTW, please note that the italicized, underlined and lined out words above from "the original story" were edited by the editors of Goya Republic for clarification and to correct the gross factual errors!

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