Friday, November 8, 2013

Japan positions missiles on Miyako island and Okinawa | Herald Sun

JAPAN is putting missiles on islands marking the gateway to the Pacific, officials said, as part of a huge military drill that has unsettled Beijing.

The exercise, aimed at bolstering Japan's defence of remote islands, has already seen a launching system and a loader for Type-88 surface-to-ship missiles installed on Miyako island, complete with two missiles.

Four more missiles were due to arrive on the main island of Okinawa later on Thursday. It was not clear how long they would remain in place.

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Comment: Around the globe, things are getting a little out of hand! Instead of "Girls Gone Wild" this is beginning to look more and more like "Govt Gone Wild" with each and every passing day! Instead of drunk on tequila shots and fruity rum drinks "our Glorious Leaders" the bunch of worthless dick heads that they are, are drunk with power. But unlike the girls having to pay for their wild night out with a trip to the Abortion and/or STD clinic, probably paid for with our tax dollars, this time we'll all pay for it in blood when they take us to war to hide their crimes....

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