Sunday, November 10, 2013

Navy suspends admirals' classified access amid 'Fat Leonard' bribery probe - Navy - Stripes

Two Navy admirals have been put on leave and their access to classified material suspended while they are investigated as part of a bribery case involving services provided to U.S. ships in ports in the Asia-Pacific region, the Navy announced Friday.

Five people have already been charged: two Navy commanders, a Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent and two foreign businessmen.

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Comment: What!!! They're being relieved over $10,000,000 and the services of a couple of LBFM's when they went TAD? Compared to the guys in DC, these guys are rank amateurs! BTW, seeing as they used those LBFM's to entrap them, wouldn't it have been better to have called this the "Slick Willie Probe" instead of Fat Leonard? I suppose we would need a stained blue dress for that...

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