Thursday, November 28, 2013

Okinawa city presses for rejection of Futenma move - News - Stripes

The city of Nago asked the Okinawa government Wednesday to reject a U.S.-Japan plan to build a new military airfield on its outskirts as a replacement base for Marine Corps Air Station Futenma.

Mayor Susumu Inamine and the Nago city council have come out strongly against the new off-shore runways planned at Camp Schwab. The request may sway a crucial upcoming decision by the Okinawa governor on whether to approve needed construction permits.

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Comment: You have to realize that neither the author nor the editor realized that there really is a city on the island of Oknawa called "Okinawa City!" If they had, they wouldn't have allowed that headline to go the way it did and cause all the confusion. Perhaps if they did their jobs and actually went to investigate stories instead of sitting at their computers in their little cubicles to surf porn and write incoherent nonsense in-between trips to the men's room to jerk off, then maybe we'd get stories as well as headlines that could actually be called NEWS!

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