Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Okinawa: the junk heap of the Pacific | The Japan Times

In June, construction workers unearthed more than 20 rusty barrels from beneath a soccer pitch in Okinawa City. The land had once been part of Kadena Air Base — the Pentagon’s largest installation in the Pacific region — but was returned to civilian usage in 1987. Tests revealed that the barrels contained two ingredients of military defoliants used in the Vietnam War: the herbicide 2,4,5-T and 2,3,7,8,-TCDD dioxin. Levels of the highly toxic TCDD in nearby water measured 280 times the safe limit.

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Comment: I sincerely hope it isn't so but, as this piece of excrement being passed off as investigative journalism so clearly points out and since we're seeing more opinion pieces being passed off as news reporting, it does look as though the JT has taken a sharp left turn toward the Dark side of journalism a.k.a. "propaganda" since they did that merger "thingy" with the NYT a few weeks ago. I really sincerely hope they return to the more balanced look that they so recently had....

I agree with the author's premise here that the military is a big polluter. Why shouldn't they be, they're simply an arm of the government and government's around the globe are known to be the biggest polluters of all. But to call Okinawa the junk heap of the pacific is a bit of a reach. This reporter obviously hasn't been to China, Thailand, Vietnam or God Bless them, the Philippines lately. My guess is he's a recent Jayson Blair School of Journalism graduate and hasn't left his his cubicle in the times offices except to go to the local scarf and barf eatery, their favorite bar or the toilet down the hall in quite awhile!

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