Friday, November 1, 2013

Okinawa’s New Toy Museum Highlights Wood, Design - Scene Asia - WSJ

Forget bright plastics, flashing lights, batteries and Made in China stamps: a new Japanese toy museum opening its doors this weekend is all about wood.

The Yambaru Forest Toy Museum, located in Japan’s southern Okinawa island, is a celebration of high-quality handcrafted wooden toy design. The space is curated and directed by the Good Toy Association, the nonprofit organization behind Tokyo Toy Museum, a cleverly designed enclave of handcrafted wooden toys housed in a former elementary school.

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Comment: Ain't that just like a control freak parent! Get a kid a toy and then put in a place where they can't get to it or even touch it! You know, instead of banning large soft drinks and preventing folks who are old enough to decide for themselves whether or not they want to purchase and consume perfectly legal product like "tobacco," they should be banning jackasses like these from running anything and I mean ANYTHING! The kind of people who build a toy museum for kids but locate it in a place that they're most likely hardly ever going to go or be able to get too are probably the same kind of people who used to pull the wings off of flies and torture them for fun! I call them "sadist statists!"

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