Saturday, November 2, 2013

OkiNinjaKitty | HottoMotto – Good Food Fast

IMG_1956HottoMotto is a chain restaurant that is located in about 5 of Japan’s prefectures including Okinawa.  And here in Okinawa they are all over the place making them the perfect place to stop and grab a quick bite while out and about exploring the island. HottoMotto serves up one main thing boxed lunches or bento.

Although the locations themselves are small the menu is huge with a ton of options which are sure to please everyone in your family. There are more traditional Japanese style offerings and even something for the picky eater. Kids also have two options both served in cute character boxes and including a toy. Aside from meals there are also a variety of sides available like chicken and fries.

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Comment: I like the old name "Hokka-Hokka" better but, I have to admit that with the prices going down as a result of competition from all the local and chain super markets, I like the current incarnation a lot! They're in season again so I recommend trying the fried oyster bento, YUM!

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