Saturday, November 23, 2013

Putting down roots with Ryukyu Underground | The Japan Times

The sky was an intense indigo, the sun as hot as a branding iron on the afternoon of the interview with Keith Gordon, drummer and co-composer of the band Ryukyu Underground.

Gordon’s village of Kunigami, in the northern region of Motobu on Okinawa’s main island, is accessed from a lane off the coastal road. Arriving at Gordon’s home by scooter, something streaks across the road, practically grazing the front wheel of the vehicle, before vanishing into subtropical undergrowth.

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Comment: Please note that the picture posted has absolutely nothing to do with this story! I had just been hoping forever for an opportunity to use it and never had one so WTF! FYI, Kunigami is NOT located on or near Motobu peninsula...

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