Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ryukyu Shimpo – Okinawan researchers find aging retardant

Okinawan researchers have found that liquid extracted from shell ginger contains a compound that slows aging and reduces wrinkles. Okinawan people have been consuming the liquid from ancient times.

Shinkichi Tawada, professor in the Faculty of Agriculture of University of the Ryukyus and other researchers made this discovery, which they announced at the Agribusiness Creation Fair held in Tokyo.

 The researchers are now applying for a patent for their discovery and Tawada has suggested that Okinawa create a sextiary sector using the flower.

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Comment: I really-really hate all that political correctness crap cause all it is, is a last ditch strategy and lame attempt tactic by the people on the losing side of the argument to get the winners to STFU and change the subject. That being said, I think that picking on older folks and saying that aging is retarded is a bit beyond the pale don't you think? Adding insult to injury, they had to bring up that bit about their sex lives too. That's a bit over the top if you ask me! Who cares who's getting what and how, that's a personal matter! These heathens have respect for neither the aged or privacy.... 

I'd like to see them call that older fella kicking the young guy's butt in the photo above retarded! Anyway, that's my two-Yen worth!

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