Monday, November 4, 2013

This is the year of the typhoon | The Japan Times

We have never had more taifū (台風, typhoon)-related news than we have had this year. Japan has had at least 28 typhoons so far in 2013 and the number is likely to surpass 30 — the first time this will have happened in 19 years.

A remarkable point is that this year there have been many aki-taifū (秋台風, fall typhoon), which has something to do with September and October being unusually hot. According to kishōchō (気象庁, the Japan Meteorological Agency), the number of typhoons up till August was 15, which is heinen nami (平年並み, close to the level in an average year). But September saw eight typhoons, well above the 4.8 average.

There needs to be only two typhoons in the remaining two months of the year to reach 30, and with the average for November and December being 3.5, that seems sure to happen.

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Comment: So what, the number of typhoons each year is not a constant. It varies each and every year. As our author was so astute to point out, it happened 19 years ago and chances are, it will happen again! So this is nothing but bullshit, bullshit and even more than ever before, AlGoresque global warming bullshit disguised as objective journalism! One or two really big typhoons hit Kanto in a single year and so now we have to listen to this bullshit from the lame-stream media. If we would have had a more quiet year, I'm confident that the key words would have instead been "climate change" instead of "warming"!

Here's the dirty little secret! The climate always changes! Right now, they're able to grow rice farther north than they used to. Whoopie! A thousand years ago, during the Medieval Warming period that Michael Mann's Hockey Stick worked so hard to ignore, they had vineyards in Northern Scotland. Try growing a grape there now!

Here's another observable fact. This year, we didn't turn on the AC at our house on Okinawa until early July, that's two full weeks later than normal. Adding insult to injury, we turned it off in early September another two full weeks later than normal. We also had fewer really big bad-ass typhoons here on Okinawa this year. So based on this author's logic, I guess that means we're in the midst of a global cooling period. Oops, that's right, the operative phrase in such matters these days is "climate change!"

BTW, I wanted to say horseshit instead of bullshit but this is a family friendly blog! Apologies... Nah...

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