Wednesday, November 27, 2013

US flies B-52's in China's air defense zone - Yahoo News

Two B-52's flew over a disputed area of the East China Sea without informing Beijing, US officials said Tuesday, challenging China's bid to create an expanded "air defense zone."

They took off from Guam on Monday and the flight was previously scheduled as part of a routine exercise in the area, the defense officials said.

"Last night we conducted a training exercise that was long-planned. It involved two of the B-52's from Guam and returning to Guam," Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steven Warren told reporters.

No flight plan was submitted beforehand to the Chinese and the mission went ahead "without incident," Warren said.

The two spent "less than an hour" in China's unilaterally-declared Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) and did not encounter Chinese planes, he said.

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Comment: A couple of the B-52's were touring around the East China Sea area and I missed it??? Where's the rest of them? Are they still together?? Sorry I missed that. They were pretty good way back when. A little weird but a good band with a great sound none the less. Bet they were just passing through on their way to the love shack or maybe they were promoting their new WWIII tour...

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