Sunday, December 1, 2013

Analysts: Tensions in Asia could snowball | They WILL if Biden opens his mouth - DC Declassified | McClatchy DC

The rising tension this week in the East China Sea could force the Obama administration to revive its plan for a “pivot to Asia,” a revamped engagement with China and its neighbors that’s been overshadowed by Middle East conflicts and other crises. President Barack Obama bowed out of two summits in southeast Asia last month because of the U.S. government shutdown.

Vice President Joe Biden leaves Sunday for a week long trip to Asia and is expected to relay Obama’s concerns with Beijing’s claim last weekend of an “air defense identification zone” in contested waters between China and Japan. U.S. officials are worried that such a provocation invites low-level, tit-for-tat escalations that could build into a real conflict in which the Obama administration would have to intervene on behalf of allied Japan.

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Comment: He's sending Biden to fix it??? Somebody better book him in a brothel for the duration of his stay and keep him the hell away from a news crew! If he opens his mouth, we'll be knee deep into WWIII within a week!

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