Monday, December 2, 2013

China's new air zone at top of agenda for Biden's visit to Tokyo | The Japan Times

When U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrives in Japan on Monday to start a three-nation tour that will also take him to South Korea and China, his most urgent task will be to assure Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that the U.S. stands firmly against China’s new air defense identification zone, which encompasses the Senkaku Islands, even as he prods Tokyo to help ease tensions with Beijing.

It’s an important visit for the longer term as well. Biden faces the further challenge of convincing Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing that the Obama administration’s touted pivot to Asia won’t fail due to budget constraints in Washington that will likely impact the U.S. military presence in the region or to growing skepticism in Congress regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement.

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Comment: Yeah, he'll tell the Japanese how much we're behind them, visit the South Koreans and tell them the same while he does his best to convince them both how they need to pay out of their pockets for the U.S. military pivot to Asia.

Once he's done knifing them in the back, then he'll go and tell the Chinese how he didn't mean what he said to the Japanese and South Koreans while he hits them up for another trillion or so loan to pay for all the Christmas junk from Walmart that the American sheeple just put on their visa cards on Black Friday!

It's all a big sham and a shake down to cover the real deal which is a fascist takeover disguised as a trade deal. Yup, that's right TPP has little to do with facilitating trade and a lot to do with making the folks who own the Federal Reserve Bank (hint, it aint the U.S. government) richer! Ole George Carlin was right, when Fascism comes to America it won't be with Jack boots and brown shirts, it'll be with Nikes and Smiley Face T-shirts!

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