Sunday, December 8, 2013

China's parliament: Japan has "no right to criticize" air defense zone - Yahoo News

China's parliament has declared that Japan has no right to criticize the establishment of a Chinese air defense zone which it said was in accordance with international law, state media reported on Saturday.

Japan, South Korea and their ally the United States have all protested at China's decision last month to declare an air defense identification zone in an area that includes Japanese administered islands rich with oil and natural gas resources at the heart of a territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo.

China's National People's Congress firmly opposes the so-called resolution passed by Japan's lower house of parliament, said Xinhua, citing a statement by the congress.

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Comment: So let me get this straight, China says Japan has no right to criticize China for doing something they had no right to do, namely call some Japanese islands their own! Hmmmm... Well then, Since neither China has the right to steal Japanese property and then the Japanese have no right to complain about it when they do, I guess that makes everything even! Good!! Now maybe we can all get some sleep at night!!!

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