Friday, December 13, 2013

Government to promulgate new secrets law quickly | The Japan Times

The government will promulgate the contentious state secrets law Friday, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet will be tested in its ability to create viable independent overseers to check how the state classifies and declassifies information before the law takes effect within a year.

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Comment: Because Japan's new "State Secrets" law essentially says that almost anyone in government from the Prime Minister on down to the local dog catcher can declare almost anything a state secret at almost anytime and make said secrets retroactive to almost any date they choose, Goya Republic is making the decision to end all political commentary until the law is either repealed or rightfully declared unconstitutional. 

Remember that Japan's post war constitution is a virtual copy of the U.S. constitution. I guess those rascals who wrote the new Japanese constitution knew that the Americans wouldn't be needing theirs let alone even attempt to follow theirs for much longer so they decided to give it away to the Japanese. Prior to the war, Japan was pretty much a Fascist police state. Funny how they sort of traded places isn't it.

Anyway, point being, they're in a pretty damn big hurry to implement this monstrosity of a law and who knows how many will be made to disappear as a result. It looks like not only did the U.S. and Japan trade places but, that Japan is on the fast track to ride this thing full circle...

Just wanted you all to know that we're not leaving the cause of freedom, just taking it underground like the resistance fighters did during WWII. The lone exception, we won't be resorting to violence, Instead we'll be fighting the fascists with our the Philosophy of Liberty... 

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