Sunday, December 8, 2013

Japan Slips Back Into Fascism - Infowars

The Empire of Japan surrendered on September 2, 1945.

68 years later, Japan has fallen back into fascism.
Despite large protests outside of the Japanese Senate.
Xinua reports:
Meanwhile, protests comprising more than 7,000 demonstrators continued around the Diet building, mobilized by civic groups, unions and concerned individuals, following similar scenes Wednesday that saw more than 6,000 anti-secrecy law opponents march around the Diet building hand-in-hand.
And the impassioned pleas of Japanese Senators (via Xinhua):
So outraged was opposition lawmaker Hirokazu Shiba in the committee meeting Thursday, that he rose from his seat and shouted “This is the way the reign of terror begins!” His fervor led to his fellow lawmakers having to physically restrain Shiba, as tensions in the meeting reached fever pitch.
The secrecy bill is headed for passage Friday. Indeed, the bill has likely already passed by the time you read this.

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Comment: Comedian George Carlin was quick to note that while Germany, Italy and Japan lost WWII, Fascism won! Another ironic twist to note is that the passage of the bill that officially returned Japan to the fascist fold was almost seventy-two years to the day of the attack on Peal Harbor that for America, marked the beginning of WWII. Does this sneak attack on all of our rights and liberties thus mark the beginning of WWIII???

Update: the bill passed last night and it looks more and more like the world is heading for a new Dark Age. I may have to shut this blog down soon before they come and lock me away. As for Shiba-San, today he may be headed for the loony bin but my guess is that one day, he may be remembered as a prophet!

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