Friday, December 6, 2013

Japanese, Taiwanese fishermen to talk fishing order near Senkakus | GlobalPost

Japanese and Taiwanese fishermen will meet at a fishing port in northeastern Taiwan on Thursday to discuss fishing order in waters off a cluster of Taiwan-claimed, Japan-administered islands in the East China Sea.

The island's Fisheries Agency and Tokyo's de facto mission in Taiwan, the Interchange Association, announced on Wednesday that the second meeting between Taiwanese fishermen and their Japanese counterparts will take place at Suao, Yilan County, on Thursday.

Both sides agreed in May when they met for the first time in Okinawa's Naha that they would subsequently discuss fishing order in waters under a bilateral fisheries agreement signed in April this year.

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Comment: Upon release of this report, China announced its newest  "sea defense identification zone" (SDIZ) initiative which is designed to compliment their recently established "air defense identification zone" (ADIZ) which likewise includes the Japanese Senkaku Islands where the Japanese and Taiwanese fishermen would be plying their trade. The Chinese news spokesperson added that that they would also be patrolling the area with their newest remote controlled attack submarines like the one pictured above!

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