Monday, December 9, 2013

SKorea announces expanded air defense zone - Yahoo News

South Korea on Sunday announced an expansion of its air defense zone following China's move to establish a similar zone that has been criticized by Beijing's neighbors.

South Korea earlier requested China to redraw its air defense zone because it partly overlaps with South Korea's but Beijing rejected it. The U.S., Japan and other countries have also protested the Chinese zone.

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Comment:  Somebody somewhere for some silly reason did a study that discovered when compared to men all around the world, Korean men have the littlest pricks. But, that probably doesn't really apply in this case because the South Korean Prime Minister is a woman. 

So why, pray tell, is that seemingly unrelated factoid so relevant here? The problem may be that her generals aren't! Anyway, I was just thinking that all of this prick waving going on in the Far East lately between the Chinese, South Koreans and the Japanese may be an indication of how penis envy impacts international affairs. 

For purposes of clarification when I say International Affairs, I don't mean the kind where you cheat on your spouse with the third world illegal immigrant housekeeper either!

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