Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The revival of a Great Depression-era retread | The Japan Times

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers is talking about it. So is Paul Krugman. So are other economists. And everyone else is talking about the folks who are talking about it.

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Comment: Unfortunately, these days you got to pay that once great news organization known as the Japan Times, to read more than that line or two that I'm providing for you here. However, to show you all how magnanimous I am and for sake of brevity as well as to save you all a few Yen, let me both summarize and editorialize this story for you.

To put it mildly, Paul Krugman and Larry Summers are fools. You can check out the link provided where Krugman says it's OK for government to lie to us in order to spend us into oblivion. He, like Summers, is just a shill for Obama and the Demagogues. We must remember how it was Krugman who told us how bad it was when King George II and the Bush Administration ran half Tillion dollar annual deficits from one side of their mouths while out of the other they lament how the Obama-Nation of Desolation as spoken of by the profit Daniel wasn't spending enough with his one-and-half Trillion dollar annual deficits. According to Krugman, Bush deficits bad Obama deficits good, WTF??

Secondly, Keynes, that Depresion era retread the story eludes to is likewise a fool. You see, he and morons like Krugman, Summers and unfortunately far too many people who call themselves economists, never heard of or are to fat headed to understand a simple yet profound economic concept known as the Broken Window Fallacy. Unlike real scholars like F.A. Hayek, Keynes was a self absorbed jackass. He described himself in his own writings as an "Immoralist" who was far more concerned with where he could find a boy to bed down with for the night than he was about doing real science. His theories merely confirm his biases. Furthermore, his ardent support of Great Brittan's Fabian Socialist Society and his long time association with the British Eugenics Society display in full glory his disdain for humanity! Put another way, he wasn't a nice man and according to these dolts, this is exactly the kind f person we're supposed to listen to in order to right our financial ship of state? Let me repeat myself from earlier, WTF???!!!

When Keynes lost a fortune in the stock market, he didn't look to see what "he" might have done wrong. You see, he thought he was smarter than you or I so the problem just couldn't be him. Instead it was capitalism that was to blame and from that time forward, he did all he could to bring the capitalist system down. So now we're supposed to listen to this anti-capitalist dolt who failed to see the writing on the wall, lost a fortune as a result and didn't learn a lesson from the experience tell us how capitalism is supposed to work??? I don't freaking think so!!!


  1. You don't come up with any real facts and only blame people. This is badwritten bullshit

  2. No facts??? You obviously didn't check out a single link provided (nine in all) and/or you came in reading this already convinced otherwise and aren't open to consider anything beyond that. Granted, one or two sources were selected for their entertainment as well as information value. As for blame? Yes I admit it! I place it squarely where it belongs, on Keynes and all those Keynesian Kool-Aid swilling fools who idolize and follow that idiot!


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