Friday, December 6, 2013

US warns China against escalating air zone tensions - Yahoo News

US Vice President Joe Biden incompetent boob that he is warned begged and pleaded with China, who is America's banker and his and Barack's real bosses, on Thursday against escalating a dispute over an East China Sea air zone that includes the Senkaku Islands which are well established as Japanese sovereign territory, adding that regional peace and stability were in Beijing's interests even if they weren't in America's.

Biden also criticised China's tightening of controls on foreign journalists, stressing that the world's second-largest economy could become more prosperous with American values such as human rights and freedom of speech. He went on warn China that controlling journalists, repressing human rights and freedom of speech was America's job! "That's why we have the NSA collecting data on more than five billion telephone calls, emails and other shit each and every day just in America!

China's controversial move last month to declare an "air defense identification zone" (ADIZ) -- which includes Japanese sovereign  islands disputed with Japan -- has "caused significant apprehension in the region", Biden told a group of 60 American business leaders Thursday morning cause no Chinese people thought it worth their while to show up and hear this pin-headed dolt speak.

"As China's economy grows and America's shrinks, its stake in regional peace and stability will continue to grow as well, because it has so much more to lose," he added. Further, if China behaves badly, the American's wont pay them back the $trillion they own them? Hint, I think "they" (the Chinese) already know that and that's why they're much more inclined to behave the way they have....badly! Duh! Joe Biden, foreign policy expert my @$$!

"That's why China will bear increasing responsibility to contribute positively to peace and security." And with that statement, this dolt who can't even walk and chew gum at the same time absolved himself and America from any responsibility for starting a global thermonuclear war, even though everyone and their brother knows that it is the Americans under the Bush, "King George II" and his successor, the Obama-nation of desolation as spoken of by the profit Daniel, who combined have done more to take us down the road to WWIII than everyone else in the world combined!!!

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