Sunday, December 1, 2013

VP Biden trying to show US still focused on Asia | Wichita Eagle

It's up to Vice President Joe Biden to show that the U.S. effort to realign its gaze toward Asia hasn't fizzled out.

Biden is set to arrive Monday in Tokyo on a weeklong trip to Asia, which is watching carefully to see how committed the Obama administration is to increasing America's influence in the region as a hedge against an increasingly assertive China.

In meetings with leaders in Japan, China and South Korea, the vice president will seek to show that while the administration has been preoccupied with Mideast flare-ups and a series of domestic distractions, the U.S. remained determined to be a Pacific power.

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Comment: So now its up to old Joe to straighten out the stuff his boss messed up while he was busy setting up barricades so that 80 and 90 year old WWII vets couldn't visit war memorials dedicated to their bravery and service to what was once a wonderful country! 

Want proof? Get that line in the second paragraph about the folks in Tokyo watching carefully to see how committed the Obama administration is to the region. Answer, Biden! Translation, not very serious!

To Obama's credit, He's smarter than old Joe but it's pretty obvious that he can't take the pressure. He needs someone to take the heat off of him for how screwed up the Obamacare roll out has gone and who better to do that than to send old Joe out there for a photo-op only to have him start WWIII instead!

It only makes sense to be able to blame it on old Joe! Even the press isn't buying the "it's Bush's fault" lines anymore!

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