Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Games | Washington Free Beacon

China’s military is holding large-scale military maneuvers near the North Korean border amid new signs of political instability in Pyongyang.

U.S. military intelligence assets in Asia—including satellites, aircraft and ships—are monitoring the war games by the 39th Army Group that are part of the Shenyang military region.

A defense official said the war games are routine winter training and do not appear related to the ouster of No. 2 North Korean leader Jang Song Thaek, confirmed by the Pyongyang regime Sunday night.

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Comment: Not good! One thing that China has that the American's don't. Well in addition to lots of men, a.k.a. cannon fodder to be thrown into the fray, they don't have to print lots and lots of money to pay for the wars they want to pursue. They already have a stockpile of trillions of U.S. money to spend before they even have to tap into their own reserves!

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