Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Kuina in the path is worth two in the bush

Travelling on the roads of northern Okinawa a week or so ago, check out our Adventures in Oku, (Before and After) post,  at the link provided if you dare, we spotted a Yonbaru Kuina on a side road near the main highway. The Kuina or Okinawa Rail is a flightless bird and they are an extremely rare endangered species found only in the far northern wilderness areas of Okinawa.

They're so rare and precious that whenever one of them is hit and killed by a wannabe Kamikaze pilot on a rice rocket cafe bike taking the mountain curves at high speed as though they were driving the circuit at LeMans, it makes all the headlines and even the evening news. Put another way, on Okinawa, the death of a Yonbaru Kuina is as newsworthy as the death of a top level "A" list Japanese movie or television celebutard. They even had one television report where they cut open a large venomous Habu snake in an attempt to save a Kuina egg that the snake had swallowed whole.

It's quite possible that if you're driving along the main roads of Northern Okinawa that you'll catch a glimpse of one of these little fellers crossing the road just to prove to chickens that it can be done. But to see one out in the open like this and posing for you is a treat. To get two of them to pose for you is like getting whipped cream and a cherry on top at no extra charge!

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