Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Okinawa holds a Super Typhoon Neoguri Party

Typhoon Neoguri is currently roiling the waters of the Western Pacific, southwest of Okinawa. The latest weather reports indicate that it is an immense storm and is gaining strength with sustained winds of 140 mph [225 km/h].

Neoguri is a strong Category 4 storm. It is moving west-northwest at 12 mph [19.3 km/h], and is expected to come close to Okinawa by Tuesday.

The reports indicate that with warm sea temperatures and minimal wind shear Neoguri could become a Category 5 Super Typhoon within the next 24-48 hours. On the forecast track it could come ashore on Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost island.

The storm will bring heavy rains, which could cause flooding and landslides, as the ground has already been subjected to a series of storms. Battering waves and high tides are expected along the coast.

Edited to add: Right now it looks as though Okinawa Honto (main island) will take a glancing blow from this big and powerful storm so that means we're still going to get spanked pretty hard as if flies by us today. As I write this, Miyako Jima to the southwest is taking the brunt of the storm and the storm is continuing to track a little further to the west than most prognosticators and all the other chicken little global warming enthusiasts initially predicted and finally, the latest updates show that this storm will probably not reach Cat-5 strength.

Stay tuned...

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