Saturday, July 19, 2014

Play Time Okinawa Style

After a long-long-long rainy season here on Okinawa, it was fun just to get out of the house and see what's going on.
Along the way toward Hama-Higa-Jima to check out the up-coming spiritual happenings getting ready to take place, we decided to stop and see what was happening along the Kai-Chuo-Doro (ocean center road) a causseway and bridge that links Okinawa Honto with Henza and all the other little islands off the Katsuren Peninsula.
This place has become a regular hot spot for kite boarding, wind surfing and a host of other water related sports. There's plenty of parking, rest facilities, restaurants, places to get snacks a cold drink or even an ice cream treat to help you beat the heat and of course, there's also plenty of water to make a splash or two in.
Here we see some enterprising local fellers with an interesting new toy that they've discovered they can use, not just to amuse themselves but, they can also fleece a few Yen out of some of the local terrorists, er make that tourists from mainland Japan, China, Taiwan and points elswhere in the Far East. Looks like fun!
The even got places for those folks who may be interested in pursuing more sanguine activities too!

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