Sunday, August 10, 2014

50's Cafe a Burger Heaven

The '50's Cafe' located near Camp Courtney in Uruma City boasts one of the better "off-Base" burgers on island!

Located just a kilometer or two south of the base along Highway 224, near where it intersects highway 10, the place is small and clean and perhaps best of all, it's a real American style burger. No funky sauces or native ingredients to fool you, this place serves up the real deal.

To get there, from Camp Courtney's main gate, turn left onto highway 75 and at the next traffic light make another left onto highway 224. Stay on this road all the way till you see the place pictured above on your left. You'll see a Lawson's sort of caddywampus cross the street from the place on the right hand side of the road at the light.

Parking is limited but it's well worth a trip and for all you gaijin's out there afraid to try the local cuisine and the can't figure out the exchange rate with the local currency, this place won't put your panties in a wad because they serve American food and till it becomes more worthless than it already is, they still take American money for it too....

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