Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ginowan City Museum Okinawa - Great place for families to learn more about Okinawa

Being a fairly small island that bases much of it's income on tourism and as a result, many of the outdoorsy things to do all require fees and given that there's only so many places you can take the family shopping, there has to be someplace for folks to take the kids where you can get out of the summertime swelter, enjoy yourselves and maybe even learn a thing or two about this little island paradise you now call home. One such place is the Ginowan City Museum located just short five minute drive south of the main gate to the controversial Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. Best of all, it's free of charge, just sign in!

The museum and exhibition hall conveniently located all in one nice modern facility.

Here you can see Okinawan life as it used to be before all of their neighbors (near and far) started putting their noses into everyone else's business.

Did you know that Ginowan used to be famous for it's trees??? Given that you can practically count the number of trees in the city without removing your shoes and socks, I didn't know that either.

This stained glass image is of a local goddess who's legend Ginowan is famous for. Her old stomping grounds are just a few hundred meters away at the old Mori-no-kawa spring...

This train truck (wheel assembly) is one of the last remnants of the train system that ran on Okinawa prior to the Typhoon of Steel and it ran right through Ginowan. Below is a map of the route it took. It ran from Kadena in the north, south to Itoman and from Naha in the west to Yonabaru in the east. If only they had that up and running today! Getting around might be a whole lot easier than it is now!!!

The Ginowan City Museum is located on Paipurain (pipeline) dori just south of the Mori-no-Kawa spring park. For directions, check out this link provided by Google Maps (HERE)

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