Thursday, October 16, 2014

Soba No Hi (Okinawa Soba Day)

This Friday, October 17, is Okinawa Soba Day (Okinawa Soba-no-Hi). Okinawa Soba is probably one of if not the best known of local specialty foods in Okinawa. The reason for selecting October 17 as the Day of Okinawa Soba is because it is the date on which Okinawa Soba was officially recognized as soba by the Japanese Government. It is also the date Okinawa Soba was acknowledged as a special local product.  

Noodles were imported from China about a gazillion or so years ago and were immensely popular amongst the "upper crust" of society. Like the greedy bastards they are, they did their best to keep this "good thing" to themsleves  But as the old saying goes, you can't keep a good thing down. Over the years, local people discovered it and developed their own style of making the noodles which eventually developed into what we know today as Okinawa Soba.

Now, of course Okinawa Soba is very familiar to the local residents who called it 'suba’ in their dialect until after reversion in 1972, after which it changed to ‘soba.' The locals might say that Okinawa Soba is "Nuchigusui" or "medicine for the soul." We might simply call it soul food, some might even go so far so as to call it equivalent to chicken soup for the Okinawan soul.

If you're interested in trying a bowl of pure Okinawan style deliciousness to celebrate, here are a couple of places I'd recommend. 

ChiruGwa Restaurant

You're welcomed to recommend your own in the comments section below....

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