Monday, October 6, 2014

Yambaru Wildlife Center - Well Worth a Visit

One place folks traveling up north might want to investigate is the Yambaru Wildlife Center near Hiji Falls and the Okuma resort in Kunigami Village. There's several good reasons to do so, especially if you've got crumb-snatchers in tow and they're bored.

The first reason is that it's indoors and climate controlled. That makes it great for rainy days and those that are too hot to let those wild indians run and play outside where the activity would do them some good and also has the side benefit of getting them out of your hair.

Another good reason to visit is that they (and you for that matter) might learn a little something about Okinawa and the wildlife (endangered as well as dangerous) that makes going out and having fun in your own back yard an adventure, whether you like it or not!

Still another reason is the fact that they've gone ahead and made it user friendly for those of us us who happen to be Nihongo Impared! Nihongo is Japanese for Japanese, in case you didn't know it ...

To that effect they've gone ahead and provided tablet computers that help you navigate your way around the facility in the language of your choice and best of all, it's all available to you at no charge. That's right, the Yambaru Wildlife Center is free of charge to all who visit!

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