Saturday, November 15, 2014

Okinawa's Big Erection Weekend

This Sunday Okinawa's will go to the polls to "erect" the Governor. Will Incumbent Hirokazu Nakaima be able to survive this challenge or will the people go for one of his three main rivals for the job. The main issue seems to revolve around the controversial "Osprey" and a decision that the governor made about building a base for them here on Okinawa to operate out of.

To be honest, I wanted to make sure I had my facts straight here so I did a little research on Ospreys. First of all, I think I'm safe in assuming that the controversial Osprey that has the panties of so many in Okinawan's in a wad isn't Perfesser Cosmo Fishhawk of "Shoe" fame pictured to the left. Fish hawk is after all just another name for the Osprey and perhaps Okinawa folks don't like fish hawks! This is after all an island and there are more than just a few people here who depend on the bounty of the sea for their livelihoods.

At first I thought that's impossible! What's so threatening about the professor? I mean look at him he's simply adorable, in a frumpy looking sort of way, with those big round glasses and the tweed sport coat with the patches on the elbows is a nice added touch. But then it dawned on me, he (meaning professor Fishhawk) has an uncanny resemblance to Governor Nakaima! Maybe this is why so many Okinawa's were in an uproar but then I had to discount that because when you get right down to it, Perfesser Fishhawk's not really a controversial figure. Still there is that uncanny resemblance issue. Sometimes when folks get upset, all logic just gets thrown out the window.

Then I remembered that Osprey's are migratory birds and many of them winter in here in Okinawa. Is it possible that these birds of prey are doing harm to the local ecosystem here? Could that be the issue that has so many calling for the Governor's scalp?

Osprey's are just beautiful birds and its great to just watch them soar on the thermal winds and dive down on some unsuspecting fish (that's why they're sometimes called fish-hawks you know). But I don't think that there's enough of them here in Okinawa, even during the winter months, to do much damage to the ecosystem. I mean when you get right down to it the Chinese, Korean and terrorists tourists from all over the eastern hemisphere do far more damage to the ecosystem than these magnificent birds ever could. If the ecosystem was the concern, the locals should be protesting the tourists, not these magnificent birds!

Then I remembered that a month or so ago we took a little trip down to Kakazu ridge park in Ginowan city. This park overlooks the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station at Futenma and that's where we saw the real culprits and what is really the cause of so much consternation.

We watched a couple of these mechanical "Osprey's" as they rolled down the runway and noted how quickly they became airborne. Able to fly like both an airplane and a helicopter, these machines are almost as magnificent to watch as their feathered namesakes. It seems some folks are concerned that they may drop out of the sky onto an elementary school or something. But, I think that they may be almost or even just as safe as any other flying machine. Certainly they're safer than any liquored up local fisherman or farmer driving in a "K-tora" (mini-truck) down highway's 58 or 329.

Unfortunately when it comes to politics, elections and trying to decide who's right or left,  I've become a bit jaded. Now I like to call myself a political atheist as I gave up on that religion some time ago. The false left-right paradigm is nothing more than a fools choice and can be likened to voting for the Gambino's or the Bonano's. By that i mean that the different parties are like Mafia crime families. No matter who gets elected, the only thing we can be sure of is nothing will ever be "fixed" except for perhaps the next election that is, and it's also a sure thing that we're all going to get robbed. Watching politics is like watching a Noh play or bad Kabuki theater with a hangover. By that I mean we'd probably all be better off if we just stayed home and slept it off! The election this Sunday is probably no different. The only plus side is, when its all over, all those damned sound trucks that keep going through the neighborhoods blasting away at everyone's ear drums will be put away until the next "Erection" Season when all the pricks who think they're bigger and badder than anyone else come out of their hiding places once again!

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