Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas on Okinawa

It seems that everyone you talk to remembers that scene from the old National Lampoon's Christmas vacation movie where the Griswold family's decoration lights go on and the rest of the city of Chicago almost goes dark. Yeah, it brings a smile to everyone's faces doesn't it? Heck, (I was going to say "hell" but this is a family blog) I'll bet if your computer has a camera attached to the screen, the folks at one of the NSA data collection centers in Idaho can see that you're smiling right now!

Anyway, this is Okinawa Japan. It's not really a "Christian" nation but these days, if you believe what you hear in the press (as too many of us seem to do) it would seem that those which once were, no longer are. By my own observations, none of them really are anyway so why should that matter. The point is, you just don't expect to see that sort of house decorating pornography outside of the good old U.S.S. of A!

That's why when I saw the house at the map location below (near the crossroads of highway 72 and the highway 449 "Nago" by-pass) in the Yabu Ward of Nago City I had to make a note of it and alert my readers. It's at this very location (if you're in the area after dark) you can see an Okinawa home decked out in all it's glory that rivals the Griswold's. If you ask me, that's pretty cool to see something decked out like that for a holiday that's not officially a holiday. Any-who, for those of you that still celebrate Christmas who like to drive around to see all the holiday decorations on the houses and if you happen to be living on Okinawa, you've got to make the trip up to Nago and check this one out!

The best way to get there is to take highway 58 north into Nago City and drive past the 21st Century forest park. Drive two traffic signals past the old baseball stadium and make a left on the highway 449 (Nago) bypass. Just look for the AU phone store and the Gusto restaurant on the same corner and turn there. Shortly after you breech the crest of the hill, you'll see it on the left. Turn left at the traffic signal (highway 72) and it's right there. If you want to step out of the car and take a closer look, drive past the house (about 50 meters or less) there's an area on the left where you can pull off the street and park.

(Note) it's possible to take the old highway 449 through central Yabu but, the turn onto highway 72 is difficult because of the bridge construction that's been going on for like just about forever. Check out the real thing at the link below compliments of Mapit Okinawa...


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